Dare mo shiranai

2nd day

We went for a tour of the infamous Damnoensaduak “floating market”. it was damn far from the town. honestly, you might not reach there by yourself. we asked our hotel for the tour and we need to pay 700baht for a half day tour. it was like, from KL to Seremban or Melaka! to me, nothing much there in the market. yeah they sell fruits, keychains, umbrella, shirts and even goreng pisang (we tried some, it was deliciouss~) but one thing that’s very special was the experience! you can never get it elsewhere. surprisingly, we stopped by at the coconut farm, cobra show, woodcraft center and the gems gallery in Bangkok. we were told that every tour has to end at the gems gallery to promote Thailand. it was a great experience, unexpectedly great half day journey for us – well, it was worth the rm70 that we paid 

Our plan to visit the Grand Palace was much easier when there’s a tour van from the gems gallery dropped us there. we didn’t go inside since I’ve been there from the previous visit and I told them that there was nothing much in there to see. We then walk to Wat Po just beside the Grand Palace. as you might not know, the reclining Buddha was inside Wat Po temple. luckily, we met this Thai friend and he told us that it was closed for a while coz that day was “Buddha Day” and the Sami(s) is praying inside to get blessed. he told us to go to the lucky buddha temple, Piyamanee, Standing Buddha and come back there again around 5 pm. he told the tuk-tuk driver to take us there and back again just for 20 baht. it was cheap but the journey didn’t take long either as the other temple was also closed. anyway, we get to see the Reclining Buddha before we went to Wat Arun or as they say, Temple Of Dawn. it was tiring as we head back to our hotel… walking..

– end of day 2 –

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