Dare mo shiranai

3rd day

What can I say.. we started the day just to get lost! haha. ouh yeah! why not? we’re outsiders staying in a town where the people didn’t talk that much English. ok2 here’s what happens. it’s our first time wanting to go to the nearest skyway NOT by walking.. so we just waving to all the public transport to stop, and there’s this lorry taxi nearby. we asked if they go to Chong Nonsi Skytrain, and he says “yes, yes”. uhuh, it was a different Chong Nonsi. near the highway? wargh! huh, luckily we didn’t have to pay, er and unluckily, we’re lost! we then asked the locals (like they can understand) and at the end of the day, we were guided to a bus that didn’t go where we headed. again, it’s a free ride. At last, we took a cab to the Skytrain station.

Like a pro, we headed to the riverside and took a boat to Chinatown market. it was unexpectedly long! er the market that is. half of the day we spent shopping and browsing for stuff that we don’t even want. yeah2 we bought for others too. it was late, but we manage to go to the most talked about place in Bangkok – Khaosarn Road. a lot of tourists spotted there, and of course there’s a market just around the corner. same stuff, same price. nothing much for us there except for the “eye candies”. we went back to the hotel and took a walk in Patpong market later that nite.

– end of day 3 –

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