dejitaru shashinki

my nose is bleeding! (again..) *drools* I can’t control myself! argh!
me very likey! me wanna have it all. gadgets! more! I want more!!
uh please someone, a nice someone, a very very very nicee person..
all I need is just…

1) a µ 720SW – it’s waterproof & shockproof! perfect for another trip to Sunway Lagoon and yeah, I tend to drop stuff (kenapa tiba2 ngaku? erk?)

or this sexy canon ixus 65 (nyum~) – I’m not gonna tell u the specs & the drooling rate for it. u have to see it for yourself..

2) a W810i or this awesome K800i er or both? ngee..

3) I wan go japan! mane kekawan neh? marilah cepat! hayaku hayakuu!

I promise i’ll take good care of it. Oh, many thanks to you! (yeah, you who are reading this!)


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