watashi wa onnifujiyuu

Love is said to be one pleasure and a thousand sufferings..
I’ve chosen to free myself from a thousand sufferings,
rather than enjoying one pleasure…

– Hi Ma

“onnifujiyuu” – that’s me I guess.. yeah, it’s pathetic (if you know what it means) but ahh, nobody needs to know exactly. I just felt like writing. I guess I didn’t know who to write to. it’s kinda weird because as of now, I’d rather enjoy weekdays than weekends. I keep myself busy on weekdays so I didn’t quite bother with my social life (if I had one).. my work-life is going great, and I just forget about everything else. in fact, maybe I’ll postpone my plan to continue study for now.

* “social life?” hm.. i wonder how my friends been doing right now.. *

anyways, i’ll be going to bangkok this thursday and i’m looking forward to it. maybe after this i’ll be somewhere er further? hehu :tongue: (kepada kakia.. ape cite kamu? isk..) sape nak ikut? haha tak boleh!

“anti-social”, remember?

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