i like cuteness.
there. it’s not secret anymore.
it got a lot to do with japan i supposed.
uh not sure where this going.. but i’ll keep typing what i’m thinking now.

back from a whole week trip. now, back to reality. uh ah it bites!
i feel refreshed. well, maybe not 100% tho.
don’t drink and drive, they always say.
in my case, i don’t drink, and i don’t drive :tongue:
a friend ask me to try drink some.
but i said “i don’t feel like it!” hehe.
then somebody else say, “dia ni budak baik lah, jangan rosakkan dia”
“i don’t believe lah. where got so baik one. there must be something jahat about this guy..” that friend replied.
i just sat there and smile.

at that moment, i got a topic to talk about.
“is there a very good person in this world?”
uh we know that nobody’s perfect. yea. i guess, there is none 

friend, there IS something jahat about me. but i’m gonna have to kill u if i told u. seriously.

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