taiki shourei

sms message alert.
have you heard of it? well, i have. eventho i didn’t subscribe to any of them but it keeps coming. it’s everywhere. on my mobile phone and even my yahoo messenger. uh, now i sounded like i wanted to promote something b-(
to start things with, not so long ago, when the company need to interview some people for hosting this new show, everytime there’s a girl, i got this alert on my ym. “CHICK ALERT!” well, not just me, i think the whole creative & tech (which our department was wayyy backk er dan terpencil sket) got the message. nah, we didn’t pay for the service. they say it’s free trial for a week! so then, one by one.. goes by the lobby.. some went to the pantry, some goes smoking outside, some read the newspaper on the reception desk.. and others, went to the toilet. then, while coming back to our own places, we gave a thumbs up or down and sometimes “so-so” sign at the pm side where the alerts are from..

well, just now i received one. they call it “kawaii alert~”  !! hehe. nah~ it’s just my workmates informing that there’s two kawaii girl (japanese i assume) sit next to them during dinner (at JUMPA i assume – again). they ask me to come over. the thing is.. I’M ALREADY HOME!! argh! tiu lor. from what they described, their nose already bleeding while typing the sms. haha! ah, that’s the bad thing for not staying late in the office.

but well, i don’t mind at all… (going home early..)

RALAT: terdapat tiga, diulangi.. TIGA kawaii rupenye.. tsk tsk..

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