saraba ikkou

i almost hated it. yeah, almost. it’s like every week we celebrated someone’s farewell. seriously. not that i don’t know why they leave, but there’s nothing done about it! maybe they still figuring out what’s happening.. *duhh?*

now, i heard rumours that more people are going away. yeah, more than one. maybe. but heck, all who left sez that the people is great. yea, i think so too. sure misses them & the ol’ days back when i’m still innocently good in the office. i still am tho heh.

as for me, to be honest, i haven’t plan of anything. yet. maybe i’ll stay a bit longer. maybe i’ll stay forever? uh. we’ll just wait and see where this goes…

one word for all, “gambarimassu~ minna san!”

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