itonami desu~

currently playing in my life
it’s about me reminding myself what i’ve been thru, going thru & will go thru.
one day i’ll look back and smile on what i’ve posted here.

 1. i was abducted by hotlink team (plus, i’m not doing only hotlink stuff, that kinda sux but somehow i prefer it that way…

2. currently, keroro gunsou is my favourite anime; it’s about this frog-like alien trying to conquer earth (pekopon is what they call it) with his 4 other platoon members. somehow they still couldn’t conquer it, well, mostly because he’s always distracted on building gundam models. it’s darn hillarious, desu!

3. i’m a senior designer now. well, not in my current office but here’s the proof  PAGESONLINE! yep, i did the flash on august issue 31. it rocks! they rocks!

4. my, er.. 18th birthday coming soon. i think i would buy myself a… hm.. i haven’t thought of it! (yet). the thing is, i know i’ll get a ps2 (atlast) from someone *winks* 

5. most important thing is, currently, i AM happy. tired, but happy. well, not all the time. (i’ll be in heaven if it was..)

here’s my submission for PROJECT CROSSROAD this week. theme of the week is TIKI, and i called mine, TIKITAKE. pis! 

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