kimi no umou

do you remember when was the last time you ever felt happy?
cuz i’m feeling a bit down lately. i’m not so sure why.
the thing is, it affected the people around me.
but i think it has a lot to do with work. yep. that’s it!

i felt sorry for a close “friend” of mine.
she seems like always get the blame. always kena from me.
honestly, i didn’t feel angry or anything, i just don’t have the mood.
like i said. i’m feeling down.
and with all the problems she kept having endlessly,
i’m not sure i can keep on helping..
i don’t really like it when someone always rely on somebody else.
i used to be that way, but not anymore.
imagine the burden that somebody else has to take.
and the thing is, what if that somebody else is gone, someday.
how would you react? what would you do?
that is why i think we need to be dependent in any situations we’re going thru.

oh well, i think i need rest. jya ne!

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