michi no ensoku

i missed traveling. can’t stop making plans to go travel since my first trip to bangkok. i do like traveling from uh i don’t know when, but considering the possibility of high expenses kept my interest at a low level. yea i know i just got back from sarawak but it wasn’t the best trip i’ve been.

My definition of trip; an opportunity to get some rest (or get laid if you are lucky *winks* :-j) and spend our time to the fullest, without any intrusion, to get some fun off of work, where we don’t think of any other things except for us to having fun, fun and more fun!
hehe did i left something out?

maybe the thought & the effort of buying stuff for the whole family, friends and relatives spoilt the whole event. not that i don’t want to buy stuff for people, but when we have to think one by one with different stuff for different person, uh that does it. it’s officially not a trip. maybe it wasnt such a good idea to go to a place where there’s somebody we know lived there. certainly we will definitely won’t feel any “adventure” mood, cuz we’ll have guide anywhere we wanted to go. plus, we won’t get lost, no way. but i like to get lost sometimes. in that moment we sorta experience something new. scared at some point, but relief when we’re back on track!

to make things worst, the one backpack and a sling bag i brought wit me, seem to be tripled the size when we’re coming back home. oh i soo hated to carry bags. plus, some boxes? please help! i cried inside.. :p er am i exaggerating? nah.

obviously, i longed for a trip. i wanna go somewhere. nah, not like PD or any pulau, somewhere er only we know?* hehe. any plan? backpacking? ajak please! tenkiu.

*HINT: i want to fill up my passport book. nak! nakk!! jom~

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