kakushigoto bin

secret blog.
it’s like the one most of us have, but nobody knows about it.
do you have a secret blog? why do you have it?
do we need any? to whom do you write for? er whacu writabout?
why do i ask?

well, for starters a lot of people i know, have it. i know they got one even if they don’t know that i know..(?) hehe. i’m just curious. why do we need another blog if you don’t really have time to update one? you can just put a password (like i did in the previous post) if it’s too personal. kan? it’s like having multiple emails, but you only check one je jugak everyday. ye saye tau sbb saya pun ada email acc yang banyak nyeh! 

p/s: previous post adalah dengan sengaje mentarok password untuk membuktikan kita tayah susah2 buat blog len nk tarok rahsia.. ngee. pwd untuk post yg lepas yelah kickers. bagi sesapa yg pk bukan² tu.. hm.. 
sekian. sankyuu~

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