imagata nee..

a moment ago, i remembered that it was raya.
now, i’m packing my backpack and ready to go (macam familiar je ayat dududu~)
it’s like, sejak bile tah plan dan bekata-kata “satu hari nanti aku pegi jugak…”
i just can’t believe that it would came true as soon as er now! 
today is quite a memorious day for me.
in a few hours, i will get on that plane and off we go!
to where? guess! tokyo! yeap! tak mimpi dowh~
hopefully everything goes well, if not as planned 
siyez ni.. raya kat sana! kukuku.
ekceli dah tak tau nk tulis ape. pray that i’ll be ok.
pade sesapa yg nak kirim, er kirim salam je la.
tarikh permohonan dah ditutop.
di sana sangat mahal jadi jen la mengharap ape2.
mungkin frozen sweet potato dango akan dibawa pulang, insyaAllah.

to my officemate(s), gambatte!
to the client(s), jen la kejam sangat!
to lebai, tarik napas.. lepass pelan2…
to frens yg kat uni temasuk adik2 dan kawan2, gudlak pekse.. hehe
to someone, take care!
to all, selamat beraya sakan! (i know i will..)
to tokyo, here i come desuuuu~! 

going… goingg… goingggggg…… gone! *phoooft* :p

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