koubunsho no saku

uh skang ni dah tak sure sape yg datang sini baca sme entry.
so kena ke behati-hati ye dengan ape yg dituliskan? ;p NOT!
nak takut ape pun tak sure. so buat pe nak behati-hati?
buat je ah cam biase :-” lalalaa~

went for a few interviews this couple of weeks, maybe orang yang interview tu pun ade masuk sini baca? erk?
hehe. mungkin gak ah. sebab portfolio site yang baru dah siap.
HELLO! <– click sini untuk view.
i’ve manage to put in a form in there.
it’s the first flash form i did with php (all by myself) so i think it’s cool – because it works! ngee..

if you guys have a PSP, u might want to view my portfolio site for the portable.
/play at www.onsetfocus.net/play
thanks to keris for giving me the space to put it in.
gile pemurah. free2 je bagi takyah bayar :p hehe. tenkiu2.

designers tend to have no time to do their own portfolio site.
as do i. that’s why it’s not so gempak. but the listed project are where the talent shows.
er i think? as for me, i wouldn’t have done all the project without the help of others. cheers!

That’s all for now. peace out.

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