soubetsukai ichiyajuu

It’s late, but whataheck.
we had a farewell dinner for karen few weeks ago.
it’s been fun working with her. well maybe not all the time ;p
one thing about her that i like is when i’m doing her works, nobody dares to kacau me with their works.
even lebai  when she booked me, it means that i’m booked for her works – nobody can potong line!

there’s this one day, when i’m doing store (i think she booked my time for about a week or so)
when there’s another project manager insist on me doing one mock for another project.
i just say “go ask lebai..” so he/she asked. then lebai actually give it a green light for me to do it.
but when explains that i’m doing a job for karen, he was like “ah, ok. let someone else do it!”
dengan nada malas nak gaduh2 ngan karen :p kukuku~ er paham ke? 

anyways, all the best to you cik karen! *mwacks*

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