Sayonara wa iwanai, dakara te wo futta

i tot i could handle it just now.
well i could, but my eyes seems blurry with all the er habuk masuk mata :-”
anyways, it started when i was saying goodbye to the tech team.
they are great. period.
damn sad to leave all the friends. at the same time i am sooooo happy to leave xm.
i am sure i have no regrets for this.

and may i add this cik_c. she was great the whole day.
sampai balik pun dia teman. siap tunggu the farewell dinner.
how nice.. and terharu sumore.
thank you! miss u dy huk huk.. *hugs*

anyways, will continue to write about this later.
when i finish writing the xm-tradition farewell email to all.
huk huk huk… sob sob~

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