saiaku toorisugarino konnichi

oh my.. something just horribly went wrong today!
My dvd writer eaten up my cd! WTF? It’s just true!
There goes my 68 bucks dvd writer and my precious mp3 cd from way back in the 90s.


When I found the cd I saw a small crack on the cd.
But what the heck.
I thought if I played it in the dvd-writer it will surely or er probably could read it
Yea it could. It spins so fast, my cd broken to pieces huk huk~
I played My Friends Over You by A New Found Glory (ah good timess..)
When suddenly, I heard this CRACKED sound and I looked at my kipas.
I was like, what the..? then I realized, the small cracked on the cd must’ve been er bigger?
And I was totally wrong. The cd was literally turned into dust!

Pengajaran kat sini. Saya tak suka burn cd, jadi beli lah hardisk banyak2 untuk memenuhi keperluan hobi mendonlot. CD ade lah sangat tatahan sebab dia nipis berbanding dvd. Jadi, kalo nak pasang cd kat dvd-player dan seangkatan dengan nye, adelah dinasihatkan berfikir dua kali, ataupun, takyah fikir langsung untuk memainkan cd dalam dvd player.


Well, here’s the proof if you just don’t believe me:

dvd-writer yang lapar..
mangsa yang terselamat..
lelain sme tetinggal kat dalam dvd tu.. waaaaaaaaaa~~~~

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