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Stranger than Fiction

just finish watching stranger than fiction.
then I noticed an unread SMS on my phone.
it sez, and I quote (from +628111892833): “Pengumuman dari PETRONAS MAS, TAHNIAH! SimCard Anda bertuah Memenangi Undian hadiah Cek Tunai RM 14.000. Sila hubungi esok hari: 006285888220147 Terima kasih.”

wtf? I know it was a scam lor. then I google for petronas sms menang cabutan and found out that a lot of people kena dy.
again, wtf? kenapa cem sume nak kaya sampai senang kena tipu?
got one post from a blogger, quite funny.
it was the 2nd results from google of that search.
the power of internet huh? *dalam hati bekata-kata*

oh! and yea, the movie is quite nice as I’ve been told (:
er dan Ana Pascal agak comel di situ

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