waza waza waza~

work work work!
been busy, oops i mean VERY VERY busy with that in this couple of weeks.
*sigh* my daily routine – go to work at 8.30 a.m til 12 a.m, the day after, go back to work at 10 a.m and back home at 5 a.m?! even in weekends?! wtf huh? :tongue:
thank God i have a replacement leave for my weekends appearance. yiha! but the thing is, i don’t really mind because i really love this job. lot to learn tho. anyways, i presents you..

my works; (p/s: be sure to check it out before the site updates again)

most of the flash in maxis3G official site at maxis.com.my/3g
3G flash intro on hotlink.com.my

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