gurei-chan no kaibougaku

grey’s Anatomy. 
it’s like ’scrubs’ but without the slapstick comedy, seriously fun and er educational(?)
heh. that’s what I thought :tongue:
if you haven’t watched an episode, it’s not too late to start now.
anyways, I watched episode 6 last week where a patient comes in with a world-record-breaking sized tumor. nope. it wasn’t all about the tumor, in fact, the whole episode is about; not to waste any of your time. don’t wait till tomorrow. if you wanted to do something, go for it! hence, the title “If Tomorrow Never Comes”.

At one part, Izzie pushes George to ask Meredith out on a date; it goes something like this..

 George: “She’s gonna be late..” (talking about meredith grey still in her room)
Izzie: “Maybe not..”
George: “We should wait for her..” (Standing outside Izzie’s room)
Izzie: “Definitely not! I’m not her mother, and YOU.. are not her boyfriend. Not yet anyway..”
George: “Stop, okay! I told you I’m not interested.”
Izzie: “Life is short George.. Do you really wanna die before you ever ask her out?”
George: “I do not want to ask her out…”
Izzie: “… Do you really wanna die a liar?” (While walking out the room)
George: “I’m nott.. uh..” (paused while thinking of a comeback..) “I’m not dying!” 

heh. an honest comeback I supposed. yea he definitely had a crush.

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