chikai shuumatsu

*sigh* what a short weekend. how i wish weekends are like 5 days a week and weekdays are 2 days only. but if it was, we’ll sure work on weekends aren’t we? darn it!

i can’t do much on weekends. i wish i could tho. there’s so many things to do, so much food to try, so many friends to meet, so little time to catch up with someone. uh soo looking forward to next weekend.
on second thought, i’m soo looking forward to work tomorrow too. nape eh? mungkin disebabkan ketiadaan seseorang seperti encik pengarah kretip di ofis esok! yay~ oh ye ada kemungkinan ketiadaan itu adelah selama satu minggu? APE? ye! satu minggu lamenye! hip hip horay!? er kot? hehe.

uh rasa cam nak tdo dah. nite!

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