I just watched GOT S8E1

Fucking yes! Spoilers ahead obviously, I can’t help it. Read later if you haven’t watched it, you’ve been warned.

For your convenience, here’s a quick recap:

Game of Thrones Recap before season 8
How’s this poster design to keep you hyped up huh?


the ending was ridiculously unexpected — and the hint “waiting for an old friend”. That was incredible! It was so slick.

Somehow I didnt feel the spark between both targaryens, i mean daenerys & aegon or jon snow if you still prefer him by his bastard’s name. Maybe not yet anyway. Maybe it’s too rushed? I know, i know they don’t have the time but i think there should have been more scenes for the both of them. Yes, also there’s a lot of scenes with them in it together, but yes, I am not feeling it yet.

Then again, from the previous episode, I love THAT look when Daenerys’ face changed its obvious that she is falling for him. That was a perfect emotion. That’s when I knew, I loved Emily Clarke.

That reaction of hers at 2:42

I had no emptiness of having to wait and it felt great! 

Back to the latest one. I actually left half of Season 7 finale just to watch it continously with this episode and let me tell you, it was a great experience. I had no emptiness of having to wait and it felt great! 

That double dragon ride was so fun, it felt like a rollercoaster ride which they should’ve built by now — GOTLand! Again, the worried face, that nervous look, I don’t think I’d go up after my first up close encounter with a dragon though. Heck, it took me a while to compose myself just for my first horse ride in Mongolia 3 years ago. 

Overall it had great scenes and a few memorable moments. Now that my excitements post-watch has been gradually decreasing, I can’t wait for next week and feeling miserable waiting again.

Here’s a preview to keep you busy:

Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 2 | Preview (HBO)

And here’s an 18 minutes look on how’d they do it.

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