day9: ichinichiji oite ginza desu

the day started off slow. nothing much to see in ginza.
sony building quite disappointing. amat mendukacitakan!
but i’ve tried gran turismo hi-def on ps3. huhu. grafik darah idung!
ada this main street tutup on sunday to let shoppers er shop freely!
most of the big areas like ginza & akihabara closed its main street on weekends.
so i heard.

then kitaorang pun jalan2 around blablablabla *boring* sambung jalan blabla..
on the way back to the train station, kitaorang singgah kat Muji.
soping komplex yg ade unsur2 carrefour tp lagi best!
..and may i add, sangat murah desu!
kegiatan soping bermula di sini! uh uh..
baru nak cop ginza tabest tetiba jadik best sebab satu tempat neh. kukuku.

day 9: ooji > ginza

tambang train:
ooji > ginza: 210Y

hampe. sebaik dapat men ps3 :p
nampak cam panas je an? tp tak pun.
jam kat tepi jalan pun seiko sponsor. adeh~
dalam convention centre kat ginza. hebbat tak shot neh!
dalam tempat same gak.
bege udang! nyam!

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