day12: ichinichiichiya oite ikebukuro soshite akiba

what a wonderful day it was.
we don’t have any plans. so i decided to go to ikebukuro.
one of the place that “they’ve” talked about.
they say it’s one of Tokyo’s multiple city centers. i guess it was.
tempat soping. the place is not so big, so it’s easier to get stuff.
the highlights there was, er.. erm..
well, there’s this huge dept store? two of em i think?
oh yea, ada akuarium besar gak tp tak pegik. buat pe nak gi sana sorg2? isk.

day 12: ooji > ikebukuro > akihabara

tambang train:
ooji > ikebukuro: 160Y
ikebukuro > akihabara: 190Y
akihabara > ooji: 160Y

see? what a lovely day it was..
some building near ikebukuro station.
er, yeah. i’m lost at this point.
girl with handphone *winks* ;p
way to sunshine city, ikebukuro.
toy shop in ikebukuro. me likey~
tokyo anime centre in akiba. malangnye tak dpt amik gambar kat dalam nye. sian korang :p
inside one of the toy shop *hidden cam mode*

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