kaibutsu eiga

If you still don’t know what it is yet, it’s a monster movie from the producer of “Lost” tv series.
I like it but somewhat not really satisfied. tak puas hati. maybe sebab sekejap sangat kot?
I think it’s either you like it, or you hate it/dont like it. no in between. One thing for sure, it’s something different 

If you havent watch it, here are some tips.
Sile ikut. Ini adalah amat diperlukan.

1) You may get nauseous. (as what every website tells you – and its true) Mostly the beginning part. kalau korang dapat seat depan2 tu, bek jangan gi tgk. serious. kang muntah! hehu.
2) Get ready to change to a better seat if you’re in front. There will be people leaving. Or probably someone may throw up on you. Well, er it could happen? heh.
3) Stay for the end credits. All the way to the end. Crap. I didn’t.
4) Sile jangan bawak kekawan yang mengandung, ada migrain etc. Dinasihatkan supaya tidak pergi jika anda adelah begitu.

All in all, the sound effect was awesome & the monster was real! Probably because of the home video camera effect?
Here’s the illustration of the monster (click for full view):

credit: http://cloverfieldclues.blogspot.com/2007/09/fan-made-cloverfield-monster-art.html

*source wayangtopia


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