dekigoto na no

kajitsu minna san~ *good day everyone
the site has been upgraded to version 2.5 with the help of wordpress 1.5. I think my work is gonna be easier this time and you’ll definitely see a lot of updates going on this near future yes, I’m still experimenting with the site but I got a good feeling about this.. hehe

Inspire! – this section is not officially opened yet but still, you can browse and be inspired with the works and designs posted. if you like to contribute in anything, er well I will let you know how 

Downloads – it’s up!  there are no new updates yet, but still, you can enjoy the previous files posted.

all the other section will be on its way. I’m working on a RESUME TEMPLATE (php) which I think could somewhat benefit to my soon-to-be-graduating friends (if it works of course, haha!)

I’m very eager to fully completed the site so that I have nothing to worry about later (if only I had more time – doesn’t everyone?)

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