kotoshi ni haitte watashi no hoshii mono no risuto ga…?

It turns out that most of what i wanted in my previous wishlist er lets just say it turns out well.
i’m not complaining or anything, just thank God.
… and here’s my new wishlist for er soon-ish
in no particular order;

» another trip to japan! : i wan! can?
» nintendo wii : hey, it’s just well, FUN! – just try it, you might just like it. Don’t come and blame me for that!
» ps3 : yes i wan this too! and it’s about time!
» >32″ lcd tv : what’s a console without hi-def?
» keta kot? kena ke? kene kot? asik ujan je letih laa.. tapi keta ape tah?
» design interior *wink!*
» buy furnitures : from most important – TV, bed, wash-mach, fridge, sofa, etc
» Macbook Pro please : tired of upgrading pc/laptop d.
» the new Mac would be great aswell!
» naik pangkat can? ah not so much la but i want a raise! i mean salary!
» be happy..

..some help, please? anyone?

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