nimaiori tsukejie

I’ve done a little teaser over the WEBFOLIO page.
It will probably be the header tho?
That is if I’ll be too busy to make another one.

On second thought, maybe I will.
Uh oh hard to say lah! See how lo..
Since I got my iMac, it feels so different to do design works.
I don’t wanna start, so I will just say, you’ll know it when you got one your own.

So what do you think about the teaser? Do you like it? I should print a poster of it lah kan?
Or probably put it on “The Wall” for the office?
Like any other things in life, I’m not sure when the page will be fully launched.
I heard monkeysay are not going to publish anymore.
Not sure how true it is.
If that happens then I guess there’ll be more free time on weekends for me.
But that would mean no extra money to buy stuff!?
Then I have to look for more freelance job now!

HOW laaaaahhhhh~

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