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There’s a new superhero(es) in Sinar fm

Ejen Sinar is basically Sinar fm on-ground team. It’s similar to cruisers, Skuad ERA Avanza, mixfm Roadrunners, etc. We have came out with a fresh new look for their special page in where we have decided to use a comic look-and-feel for the whole section.


Like all retro comics, Ejen Sinar members have their secret identity or what they used to call, “alter-ego” and that’s when they become AMP Sinar X as a team of superheroes. Well, they are actually Sinar fm very own paintball team 

We have officially introduced AMP Sinar X, but here’s a sneak peek of their page mock.

I heard they have bravely entered Division 2 in the Malaysian Paintball League this year. Stay tuned.

Here’s the previous Ejen page, it’s not available to the public anymore as of yesterday. It has served us well. Thank you.

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