Winter is Dark and bloody GOT S8E3

What do we say to the God of Death? — Not today.

Did I ever tell you that my favourite character since the beginning is Arya? Well, it’s her and the dragons. I knew I had some talent for reading people and a good judge of a character. Spoilers below.

Let’s be real here. I wasn’t ready for another epic battle after Avengers: Endgame few days ago but hell yeah, I am satisfied. This is definitely a good week. Arya, what can I say. You’ve grown up so well and made me proud!

I expected it would last another episode, but argh it was too good! It gave me closure. I can’t help but to compare with Endgame. I’m sorry, but thank you! As far as GOT goes, I know we don’t deserve this kind of ending but thank you for being nice this week. I know a lot of people couldn’t handle some more death but for me, it was worth it. The difference between these two epic battle is that, this one is a little bit too dark! I’ve actually started to watch it 9am with my phone but as few minutes goes by, I gave up — I can’t see a damn thing! I decided to just watch on my normal timing, 10pm with all the lights off. Even so, I need to boost up the brightness for my 65″ LED TV. And I’m NOT the only one.

The Night King was a good villain. Almost like Thanos, you wanted to like him even though he is obviously the bad guy, because he had some realistic-ishreasons to kill everyone. In this case in my opinion, nobody will get to battle each other for the iron throne — he will sit on the throne and everyone will become the undead and lived happily ever after.

In all seriousness, although death is inevitable especially during wars as epic as this one, I am happy because of two things — Arya & the dragons. As much as they’ve shown the dragons’ majetic-ness, this episode has that super dive from above the clouds. That was insane! And I don’t think I’d ever get bored with that blue flame, Viserion! I’m gonna miss that. As for Arya, again, that surprise ending — well deserved.

Remember the list from my episode 2 review? So here are the fallen ones:

  • Theon Greyjoy
  • Eddison Tollett (Edd) — Lord Commander of The Night’s Watch
  • Jorah Mormont
  • Lyanna Mormont
  • Beric Dondarrion — flaming sword
  • Melisandre — Red Woman
  • the Night King!

Welp, another week another wait.

Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 4 | Preview (HBO)

If you don’t like spoilers for the next episode above but you like that 82 minutes of the show, here’s another 40 minutes off behind the scenes for episode 3.

Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 3 | Game Revealed (HBO)

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