ja shuumatsu

I have been introduced to this site called The Wknd Sessions (pronounced as “weekend”, er i think?). satu platform yang menarik untuk musicians kat msia ni. Dah la band-band ni tengah naik, diaorang kasi tambah lagi kat online platform. Plus, the video quality is so good, you’ll drool over your screens. Don’t even get me started if you watch it in full screen.. 

Dari apa yang derang cakap, Wknd di update setiap minggu dengan performance & interview artis/band dari er local independent music scene yang tengah naik ni. I think it is a very good effort from the team. Well, just hope that i’ll be staying in XFM to support this. Kita kasi UP kan sket~

For now, they only have 11 artistes. Meaning diaorang baru minggu 11? tapi boleh nampak la the setting, the video, the studio, bukan amatur punya kerja ni! power~

Here are Top 3 of my favourites:


So, korang yang minat kat local indie band go check it out and enjoy!

* all images taken from The Wknd Sessions

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