Is it too late to start a new hobby?


I found out about this term just a few months ago and it stands for the keyboard. Not the instrument but yes, that clickity-clack keyboard used for typing. Just like that, I now know that anything and everything has its own enthusiasts.

Keychron K6 mechanical keyboard

Hobbies are expensive. So the short answer to the question is, NO. It’s never too late because as you grow older I can safely assume that you make more than enough money (and maybe time) for a new hobby.

Back to keyboards.

There’s this mechanical keyboard hobbyist that I just found out about. Typically, it sounded very interesting to me. Why keyboards? Well, imagine a Gundam set or even Legos. It is very similar. It requires some technical skills, also the fact that you can customize and make it your own. Same principle.

Here are some basics.

For noobs

There’s a lot more for me to research and learn on this keebs hobby, which on these three days of googling and YouTubing I can safely list down things that I personally find most important to start. Obviously there’s also some technical stuff such as soldering, that I won’t get into just yet.

  1. Keyboard size/layout
  2. Click sound preferences/typing feels
  3. Keycap design

Edit 26 August 2020: Found a website

It all comes back to individualism. The world feels like it’s getting smaller and smaller. One needs to stand out to feel some level of important-ness and somehow be exclusive. That’s where hobby comes filling in, especially those that can be customizable with your own identity. Try it.

Personally, it feels good.

Update 27 July 2020: Just received my Keychron K6 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard RGB Backlight / Hot-swappable / Brown switch and I am typing with it now. Might need to get use to it first though.

Unboxing my Keychron K6

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