Dare mo shiranai

Last two weeks, mark the second time I’ve been in Bangkok. it was better than last time. maybe because we’re not ’stuck’ with tours all day every day.. anyway, for 4 days staying there, lets just say, now I can live there.. this post might take some of your time to read since I get the feeling it would be long.. if you guys wanna know more about the trip (and maybe learn something), please do continue reading…

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whoa? lama tak updet. so hows holidays? mine is the same as last year, and a year before.. and a year before, etc, etc, if u know what I mean. hm, I just remembered I’ve promised to post more of our Bangkok trip. So here goes nothing.. 

Bangkok in memory

updated to version 1.5.2 – some of the plugins not working. I realize that. I’m too lazy to fix it right now :p so, I guess I’ll leave it for now.

hajimete ima

ngee.. i’m back! er dah lama pun sebenarnye. hehu.
“so, how’s Bangkok” you might ask..
all I can say is.. “there’s a first time for everything..”
[x] it’s my first time on a plane (and I get to ride it twice!)
[x] first time in Pattaya & Bangkok (we stayed in Hard Rock Hotel – how cool is dat?)
[x] got my first feel-good-bone-breaking massage (er the traditional ones ok?)
[x] can’t eat McD cuz all of the burgers were pork (see pic – yum!)
[x] got to ride a tuk-tuk
[x] Pat Pong anyone? hehu been there, er done nothing..

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watashi wa onnifujiyuu

Love is said to be one pleasure and a thousand sufferings..
I’ve chosen to free myself from a thousand sufferings,
rather than enjoying one pleasure…

– Hi Ma

“onnifujiyuu” – that’s me I guess.. yeah, it’s pathetic (if you know what it means) but ahh, nobody needs to know exactly. I just felt like writing. I guess I didn’t know who to write to. it’s kinda weird because as of now, I’d rather enjoy weekdays than weekends. I keep myself busy on weekdays so I didn’t quite bother with my social life (if I had one).. my work-life is going great, and I just forget about everything else. in fact, maybe I’ll postpone my plan to continue study for now.

* “social life?” hm.. i wonder how my friends been doing right now.. *

anyways, i’ll be going to bangkok this thursday and i’m looking forward to it. maybe after this i’ll be somewhere er further? hehu :tongue: (kepada kakia.. ape cite kamu? isk..) sape nak ikut? haha tak boleh!

“anti-social”, remember?

yokushi rekki

updated wishlist! 

[  ] sonyericsson k750i or w800
[x] psp
[x] passport
[  ] driving license
[  ] laptop/tablet pc
[  ] mac mini
[  ] sony ps2/ps3 or xbox 360
[  ] lcd monitor 

I went to Singapore last er two or three weeks if I’m not mistaken. I didn’t stay long. just managed to wander around Bugis Junction, National Library and of course, Sim Lim Square. oh well, I had only S$8 to spare but I heard there’ll be an idN workshop in Singapore. So I guess I’ll be back later. here’s some shot in case you don’t believe me. hehe.

and here’s a screenshot of my new toy. like they say, “Christmas comes early for me” – literally, of course.

next stop – BANGKOK!

oka no frasers

yeah² sure ok I’ll post something now.. to be honest, I’m quite free after struggling to finish some projects *phew~* everything seems to be ok. uh uh …

can’t seem to revive the post, but it seems that we’ve been to Frasers Hill with these whole bunch – I forgot when and why so less people

Updated on 2019
Sandeep, Ang, Karen, Ivan, Alvin, Jae, John, Yunus, Eunice, me, Beatrice, Michelle, Janet – Group shot