day13: ichinichiichiya oite asakusa, ueno soshite akiba

went to bandai hq in asakusa. all because of keroro tees that i’ve planned to buy…only to find that, as said by the girl in front desk, “dis, offisu.. no buy~” :pi didn’t know that there was bandai hq there til the last minute.that is after searching everywhere for the tees. sold out kot *sigh*singgah […]

day12: ichinichiichiya oite ikebukuro soshite akiba

what a wonderful day it was.we don’t have any plans. so i decided to go to of the place that “they’ve” talked about.they say it’s one of Tokyo’s multiple city centers. i guess it was.tempat soping. the place is not so big, so it’s easier to get stuff.the highlights there was, er.. erm..well, there’s […]