ja shuumatsu

I have been introduced to this site called The Wknd Sessions (pronounced as “weekend”, er i think?). satu platform yang menarik untuk musicians kat msia ni. Dah la band-band ni tengah naik, diaorang kasi tambah lagi kat online platform. Plus, the video quality is so good, you’ll drool over your screens. Don’t even get me started if you watch it in full screen.. 

Dari apa yang derang cakap, Wknd di update setiap minggu dengan performance & interview artis/band dari er local independent music scene yang tengah naik ni. I think it is a very good effort from the team. Well, just hope that i’ll be staying in XFM to support this. Kita kasi UP kan sket~

For now, they only have 11 artistes. Meaning diaorang baru minggu 11? tapi boleh nampak la the setting, the video, the studio, bukan amatur punya kerja ni! power~

Here are Top 3 of my favourites:


So, korang yang minat kat local indie band go check it out and enjoy!

* all images taken from The Wknd Sessions

lenka lenka

No no, it’s NOT the ice-cream

Lenka Kripac or Lenka is an Australian singer-songwriter started her music career as a member of the Australian electronic-rock crossover band Decoder Ring for two of their albums before she moved to California in 2007. She currently resides in Los Angeles and has been heavily promoted by her new record company, Epic Records, including making appearances on late-night network television interview shows in America, singing “The Show” with a band.

The first single from the album is the catchy and melodious but derivative Regina Spektor/Feist/Yael Naim/Edie Brickell deliberate vocal styling, kept in a mix of pop/un-folk idiom, titled “The Show”. It has been featured as the soundtrack for an Old Navy as well as an Ugly Betty commercial and was promoted as an iTunes Free Single of the Week.

*source: Wikipedia

I heard a snippets of her song entitled – the show, and loved it there and then.
More info on Lenka, try visit her official websitesmyspace music or even her facebook page.

Here is “The Show”:

and then, I YouTubed it, and loved the music video even more! How cute lah kan?

Lenka – The Show (New Version)

The Show even has another “animated” version, here.

musenki shunketsu

There’s a new superhero(es) in Sinar fm

Ejen Sinar is basically Sinar fm on-ground team. It’s similar to hitz.fm cruisers, Skuad ERA Avanza, mixfm Roadrunners, etc. We have came out with a fresh new look for their special page in sinar.fm where we have decided to use a comic look-and-feel for the whole section.


Like all retro comics, Ejen Sinar members have their secret identity or what they used to call, “alter-ego” and that’s when they become AMP Sinar X as a team of superheroes. Well, they are actually Sinar fm very own paintball team 

We have officially introduced AMP Sinar X, but here’s a sneak peek of their page mock.

I heard they have bravely entered Division 2 in the Malaysian Paintball League this year. Stay tuned.

Here’s the previous Ejen page, it’s not available to the public anymore as of yesterday. It has served us well. Thank you.

nimaiori tsukejie

I’ve done a little teaser over the WEBFOLIO page.
It will probably be the header tho?
That is if I’ll be too busy to make another one.

On second thought, maybe I will.
Uh oh hard to say lah! See how lo..
Since I got my iMac, it feels so different to do design works.
I don’t wanna start, so I will just say, you’ll know it when you got one your own.

So what do you think about the teaser? Do you like it? I should print a poster of it lah kan?
Or probably put it on “The Wall” for the office?
Like any other things in life, I’m not sure when the page will be fully launched.
I heard monkeysay are not going to publish anymore.
Not sure how true it is.
If that happens then I guess there’ll be more free time on weekends for me.
But that would mean no extra money to buy stuff!?
Then I have to look for more freelance job now!

HOW laaaaahhhhh~

sokosoko wagami

One page has been thru a facelift. and it is up!
Check out the ABOUT page at the navigation on top! 

It’s been quite a while to update as the internet at home is currently unavailable.
*darn you ISP!

Manage to get some testimonials from friends on the page.
It makes it more interesting, doncha think?
Will try and get some more tho.
You can leave testimonials too if you like. Feel free to do so here!

Probably will put in my resume as well hoh? *winks* kene ke?