kanata anohito desu

THERE SHE IS!! step 2 – cake dance 4′00″ (7.60mb)
Remember the cat & bunny animation? (There She Is!! part1) Now, sure you do! well, here is the 2nd part – enjoy! 

NOTE: the file is quite big, so you might have to wait (for dialup fans, er get broadband will ya?!)

bigger size? *not recommended tho as the movie will slowed down (unless your graphic card is powerful enough that is)

dekigoto na no

kajitsu minna san~ *good day everyone
the site has been upgraded to version 2.5 with the help of wordpress 1.5. I think my work is gonna be easier this time and you’ll definitely see a lot of updates going on this near future yes, I’m still experimenting with the site but I got a good feeling about this.. hehe

Inspire! – this section is not officially opened yet but still, you can browse and be inspired with the works and designs posted. if you like to contribute in anything, er well I will let you know how 

Downloads – it’s up!  there are no new updates yet, but still, you can enjoy the previous files posted.

all the other section will be on its way. I’m working on a RESUME TEMPLATE (php) which I think could somewhat benefit to my soon-to-be-graduating friends (if it works of course, haha!)

I’m very eager to fully completed the site so that I have nothing to worry about later (if only I had more time – doesn’t everyone?)

kawaii ne?

THERE SHE IS!! 3′30″ (2.70mb)
What an animation! the song is just right, er but somewhat annoying (when heard a lot) huh!? HAHA 

So, help yourself and..

here it is 

here is the translation of this song…

(there she is)

어느날 내곁을 떠나버린 그녀가 나에게 와서 용서를 구하며 비네
(Once she broke my heart but beggin’ to be back in my life)

여기저기 난데없이 헤매이다 나에게 와서 눈물을 흘리고 있네
(long long wondering and straying brought me her cryin’)

워워 워워
(wuh wuh wuh wuh)

망설일 필요없지 그녀를 받아줘야지
(There’s not a day that passes by, I’m gonna hold her tight)

애타게 너무나 애타게 기다려왔던 그녀가 내게로 왔네
(Ain’t nobody else but one I love is back)

좋아 좋아 니가와서 좋아 너무나도 기다렸던 니가와서 좋아
(high high you make me so high, after so many nights in tears)

왔어 왔어 그녀 내게 왔어 너무나도 기다렸던 그녀 내게왔어
(there there there she is, after so many seasons in pain)

보고싶어서..안고싶어서..그녀 나를 그리워서 다시왔나
(to kiss me..to hold me..you came along a long journey)

좋아 좋아 니가 와서 좋아 너무나도 기다렸던 그녀
(high high you make me so high, after so many nights in tears)

*당신 정말 좋아 나 몰라
(I don’t know how it gets so crazy but my love is yours)

hoyahoya mono :)

..it means new stuff 
i’m gonna be brief on this one. got gprs on yer mobile? well, i’m working on archiworks.net mobile edition  in other word, a WAP site. You can access the site on yer mobile at archiworks.net/wap or you can preview the site on your browser HERE! There’s also a link on the right for easy access 

Expect to download free tones and graphics there as it is still in development (hm. maybe i’ll add in some request here..)

akemashite omedetou gozaimasu~

so it’s the beginning of another year huh? how has 2004 been? hope it was er fun heh.
well, actually I don’t intend to make a blog on this site but this is just for the sake of updating  (i guess I won’t be able to finish the site as planned *sigh*) anyway, enjoy this music video from JET! (very nice song – sounds like the Beatles)

THE JET .asf
Look What You’ve Done (6.80mb)

chotto matte~

been a while since any update huh? hope you’d enjoyed all the downloads  i’m tryin all i can to fully complete the site  hopefully it’ll be done soon, before new year would be great huh? hope so. anyways, new year is just around the corner, so what have you done this year? as for me, i just wanted to finish this site soon! b-(
…this is a short one, till then..

メリークリスマス + 明けましておめでとう


SO.. the list of 80’s music goes on..  Thanks to a friend of mine for squeezing our minds together remembering these songs  Some of the songs you might not know until you heard it and you’ll go, “aah~ i know this song!!” and the rest, was in my playlist as i call it “my song for the moment”
 Well now, enjoy! (like we always do. . hehu)

Please Don’t Go Girl (4.17mb) *
i left this one out on the last NKOTB downloads 

Ice Ice Baby (4.14mb)
everybody knows this song!? *requested

Can’t Touch This (3.99mb)
..and who doesn’t remember this one either?! *requested

I’ve Been Waiting For You (3.93mb)
“I’ve been waitin for you (waitin for you), all my life for somebody who (somebody who), makes me feel the way I feel when I’m with you, baby.. have you been waitin too, cause I’ve been waitin for you”
 hehu~ remember now?

Heaven (3.74mb)
this is an ol’ one but i’ve heard this song so many times on Launchcast, and i love it!

Now and Forever (3.16mb)

Untitled (5.55mb)
a piano? an orchestra? doesn’t sound like them  (song for depressed ones)

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 yeah, yeah sume lagu jiwe2. so? i know you guys like it 

 All downloads are NOT for public use. We are not getting any benefit with it and neither should you. It is solely for personal use. Thank you.


Good news!!
archiworks.net has got 50 megs of storage upgrade (hooray!) This means we can do more with the site  Our plan is (maybe) to put up some vids for downloads – maybe one for a week? What do you guys think? We’ll be adding up a request form along with it! 

Anyway, the navigation button (navi is what we call it) is done but some without the actual link  We’ll keep posting for the updates. Thanks! GANBATTENE~

NEW: There’s also translation on the page for international users. Click Translate! [+] on the right menu to expand the options