saiaku toorisugarino konnichi

oh my.. something just horribly went wrong today!
My dvd writer eaten up my cd! WTF? It’s just true!
There goes my 68 bucks dvd writer and my precious mp3 cd from way back in the 90s.


When I found the cd I saw a small crack on the cd.
But what the heck.
I thought if I played it in the dvd-writer it will surely or er probably could read it
Yea it could. It spins so fast, my cd broken to pieces huk huk~
I played My Friends Over You by A New Found Glory (ah good timess..)
When suddenly, I heard this CRACKED sound and I looked at my kipas.
I was like, what the..? then I realized, the small cracked on the cd must’ve been er bigger?
And I was totally wrong. The cd was literally turned into dust!

Pengajaran kat sini. Saya tak suka burn cd, jadi beli lah hardisk banyak2 untuk memenuhi keperluan hobi mendonlot. CD ade lah sangat tatahan sebab dia nipis berbanding dvd. Jadi, kalo nak pasang cd kat dvd-player dan seangkatan dengan nye, adelah dinasihatkan berfikir dua kali, ataupun, takyah fikir langsung untuk memainkan cd dalam dvd player.


Well, here’s the proof if you just don’t believe me:

dvd-writer yang lapar..
mangsa yang terselamat..
lelain sme tetinggal kat dalam dvd tu.. waaaaaaaaaa~~~~

oyayubi kiwowarukusuru

Ouch! i sprained my thumb while playing new burnout series on ps2.
see? look what u might have done to yourself when u have free time! 
anyways, here’s the farewell email i wrote for XMers.
might not get everyone’s emails to sent out to, so here goes:-

Hello. It’s time for me to say it.
I may not get the chance to work with everybody,
but heck, it’s been fun just knowing u bunch of fun loving crazy group of people.

The helpful all-the-help-u-can-get-if-u-just-ask bunch of art directors
Rashidin – nasihat berguna dari yang penuh ngan pengalaman, will try not to forget all of it! And I mean ALL! Tumpang rumah for my trip to uk nanti!
Faizal Reza – ko la yang paling banyak membantu. It’s hard to earn ur trust, it’s harder to keep it. Thanks for everything bro. jangan lupe update! heh
Jaesern – u just rock lah! Long live joy division! Heheh
Hazim – Thanks for the interview boss! Really appreciate the help.

The crazy skilled horde of mad designers
John – I call u, I call u! thanks for all the nasihat!
Yunus – It’s been fun bro. good luck to u too! Jangan la antisocial sangat.. ;p oh yea, thanks for the gaming experience!
Eugene Foo – bila? Hehe. Jangan lupa bagitau ya. Nice working wit u oso. Thanks.
Eunice – sad to see u go last time. But now I know how u feel dy  see u!
Radio – superstar! Your artwork rocks everytime. It’s been nice.
Adi – sound aku klu nak gerak London weih. Kot2 aku nak follow ke.. hehe. Terima kasih utk pendapat dan tunjuk ajar ko gak.
Baharin – tak dapat nak dengar dialog2 ko lagi. Oh ye, jawapan untuk soalan ko haritu, aku pilih seorang awek cun instead of dua orang gadis biasa. Sedap! Nyam! Oops gudlak weh!
Keris – ko memang seorang yang berbakat! Salut spring satu! Best lagi kalau ko leh buat 2 hari instead of seminggu! Haha. Thanks weih. Syok kerja ngan ko.
Aivee – so happy meh? Jangan lupa ajak ok nanti? Ur just fun to talk to and be with. Thanks for everything. Dah habis main jangan lupa pulang! Hehe.
Ashok – tak sempat jumpa last day haritu. All the best bro!
Liang – cepat belajar. Bagus2. sedap2.. hehe. Good luck to u!

The kickass word masters, alliance of Copywriters
Zammil – nak cakap banyak pun tak guna. Kita jumpa je nanti. Tengok wayang ke ape ke. Sure punya lah. Apepun, terima kasih tuan! Anda banyak membantu.
Eugene Lai – so bila? All the best! 
Suruchi – never get the chance to work with u but thanks.
Beatrice – cikguu~ jumpa lagi kat farewell orang lain lepas nii hahaha
Jafwan – mana senyap? Thanks gak eh! Banyak2 terima kasih.
Also we’ve had Chris, Mich, Debra, Nini? And Andrew – arigato gozaimasu!

The lovable geeks from tech team
Nelson – thanks for the support. Take care of yer great team!
Halim – good luck ah! Nanti koke sound aku. Jangan lupe gorengan will keep in touch.
Chia – flen, see you later lah. No need say much oso.
Remi – fun working with u even ko salu je bz ada gak masa nak layan. Tq2.
Oan Hui – been nice working with you. Thanks.
Ting – Hai Ting! Hehe. Teach me when u master xml dy k!
Jasdy – keje ngan ko paling senang ah kot tp tak lama. Sampai hati ko! ;p
Rozana – tak salu bebual ngan ko, tapi thanks meng-qc kerja kitaorang ngan hebbat!
Fuan – QC okayyy~ ur a babe lah! Thanks very much.
Soffian – jom minum. Heheh, thanks weh ngan pertolongan ko yg tak seberapa tuh. hehe
.. and then there was Azli, Janet, Shirley, Chia Chong & Loh – Thanks!

One advice to both teams, keep the close relation alive. Don’t forget to make a visit to each other departments just to say hi or so – it’ll make your day and theirs 

The most love-to-hate assembly of AMs & PMs
Alvin – good luck wit sutra man. I know u’ll be pening wit it. Thanks bro! jumpa nanti 
Celeste – camne nak ngumpat lagi pasni? Hehe takpe2, nanti jumpa. Thanks yer cik.
Adrian – like I said, been nice working wit u. all the best!
Deve – congrats man! And all the best!
Karen – nak kena tulis ape2 ke? Hehe. U know my comment for u dy. Tenkiu!
Marina – sian dia.. hehe. Best of luck girl!
Ang Meng Yan – party, party, party.. apa sudah jadi?
Thirun – thanks for the call bro. u da man!
Eugene Ong – You’re just cool. Hehe.

There were also Chengsoon, Eling, Alicia, Yilane, Waiming & Ivan – Thanks a mil!

The one and only:
Yus – nak cakap ape? Don’t think that thanking you was never enough, for your help since my first day. Jom pangkor (lagi)! :-p

If I forgot to mention anyone, it’s either I hate you, or I just got nothing to say to you 
Here’s something to think about: (link to theStar article)

Finally, thank you and goodbye. Please delete this email account now, no reply necessary 

P/s: I am so free I could write a farewell novel :p

XM with love – May 2005 to March 2007

some say i shouldn’t wrote like that. the reason for, they might offer me to work there again one day. who knows? yea i don’t know. they don’t either.

but why should i join in again if its the same management that i’m trying to avoid this time? my point for being harsh is that nobody dares to open their eyes? maybe they will change, maybe not. one can only try. they shoot out proper farewell letter and those bastards think that nothing was wrong. oops. mind my language :phew:

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okunen ittou

Here’s for everyone in xm.

the cute video:

YUI – I remember you

YUI – I remember you
Kaze wa mou tsumetai keredo
Natsukashii sora no nioi ga shita nda
Hoomu kara umi ga mieru
Kono basho de kimi wo sagashiteru

Kisetsuhazure no saafuboodo ni
Ano natsu wa kitto ikiteru
Taiyou wa zutto oboete ita hazu sa
Nee, kikoeteru

“Namida wo misenai” tte, kimi wa sou itte
Bokutachi wa futari te wo futta
Sayonara wa iwanai, dakara te wo futta
Yuuyake ni kieta I Remember You

Sabita gitaa kakaeru tabi ni
Ano uta ga mune no oku wo tsukamu kedo
Ima mo mada saenai hibi
Kono basho de boku wo sugoshiteru

Dakedo omou nda “Dare ka no tame ni
Kitto bokura wa ikiteru”
Taiyou ga kitto oshiete kureta nda
Nee, kikoeteru

Are kara no boku wa aikawarazu dakedo
Honno sukoshi jishin ga aru nda yeah yeah!

Namida wo koraeteru yakusoku dakara
Dare yori mo tsuyoku naranakucha
Sayonara wa iwanai, datte me wo tojite
Sugu ni aeru I Remember You

 YUI – I remember you
The wind on my face is so cold.
But it reminds me of the sky, when we were together.

I can still see the ocean from my house
I’m looking and waiting for you here.

The days have changed and gone by,
But our summer is still there, in my surfboard
I remember the sun then, like it was yesterday
Ne, I can still hear your voice.

You said to me “I’m not going to cry,”
We waved each other goodbye silently.
We didn’t say any words: our hands did that for us.
You melted into the sunset, but I Remember You.

Every time I hold your old, rusty guitar,
I hear our song tugging at my heart.
The days seem so cloudy now,
Passing by one after the other.

But I remember thinking:
“I know w’re living for someone.”
Yeah, the sun told that to me.
Ne, I can still hear you.

I haven’t changed at all since then,
Except now, I have the courage to move on.

As I promised, I’m keeping my tears back
But to do that, I have to be stronger than everyone.
I won’t say goodbye, because whenever I close my eyes,
We’re together again.
I Remember You.

Enjoy!! huk huk huk~

Sayonara wa iwanai, dakara te wo futta

i tot i could handle it just now.
well i could, but my eyes seems blurry with all the er habuk masuk mata :-”
anyways, it started when i was saying goodbye to the tech team.
they are great. period.
damn sad to leave all the friends. at the same time i am sooooo happy to leave xm.
i am sure i have no regrets for this.

and may i add this cik_c. she was great the whole day.
sampai balik pun dia teman. siap tunggu the farewell dinner.
how nice.. and terharu sumore.
thank you! miss u dy huk huk.. *hugs*

anyways, will continue to write about this later.
when i finish writing the xm-tradition farewell email to all.
huk huk huk… sob sob~

kongetsumatsu konshuuchuu imajibun

memandangkan keroro takde update lagi and still stuck at episode 83 *sigh*
here’s a story beyond imagination.. woceh~

pagi tadi hujan. lebat. dah bangun, tapi nape takleh tido balik?
patutnye ujan sure sedap nii tido nii~
dipendekkan cite, siap2 untuk gi keja, still hujan lebat.
decided utk memakai suar pendek dan selipar jepun ke opis.
(heh dulik ape pun? last day dah dekat. takat 3 hari beza je klu kena halau pun)

jadik nye, tibe lah saya di opis ngan gaya nak pegi ke pasar/pancing ikan.
menjelang tengahari, lalu lah saya di depan bilik sandy, as in kelin kat cite semalam tu..
dia cam nak kuar, then sambil saya lalu didepannye..
dia macam gelak, dan macam nak bersuara..
tapi saya terus berlalu dengan laju – malas nak layan ko..

tetapi, bile diceritakan kepada rakan se-department, inilah yg berlaku:
“ko gelak?”.. “this.. is….”

situasi 1: tajuk – dalam kegelapan

situasi 2: tajuk – walaupun rupamu tidak kukenal…

(sape yg kenal je tawu heheh)

kedit utk encik adi yg besemangat tros lukis lepas cite! haha!