yokushi rekki

updated wishlist!  [  ] sonyericsson k750i or w800[x] psp[x] passport[  ] driving license[  ] laptop/tablet pc[  ] mac mini[  ] sony ps2/ps3 or xbox 360[  ] lcd monitor  I went to Singapore last er two or three weeks if I’m not mistaken. I didn’t stay long. just managed to wander around Bugis Junction, National Library and of course, Sim Lim Square. […]

sachi rekki

wishlist bedarah idung.. ngee~ SonyEricsson k750iSony PSP  what I should have done, but didn’t yet, and going to passportdriving license yeah!  I want this, but… later lah!  a laptop.. or better, a tablet pc whoa!mac minisony ps2a good LCD monitor  see if I can get those gadgets and stuff in 5 months.. GAMBARE!