kawaii ne?

THERE SHE IS!! 3′30″ (2.70mb)What an animation! the song is just right, er but somewhat annoying (when heard a lot) huh!? HAHA  So, help yourself and.. here it is  here is the translation of this song… 떴다그녀(there she is) 어느날 내곁을 떠나버린 그녀가 나에게 와서 용서를 구하며 비네(Once she broke my heart but beggin’ to be […]


Hello!SO.. the list of 80’s music goes on..  Thanks to a friend of mine for squeezing our minds together remembering these songs  Some of the songs you might not know until you heard it and you’ll go, “aah~ i know this song!!” and the rest, was in my playlist as i call it “my song for the moment” Well now, […]

good ol’ days

This time, we go back to the ol’ days. Our school days I presume Well, ENJOY!! NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCKStep By Step (4.13mb)Tonight (3.12mb)Hangin’ Tough (3.59mb)Right Stuff (3.87mb)I’ll Be Loving You Forever (4.08mb)Happy Birthday (2.60mb)Please Don’t Go Girl (4.17mb) * JUST ADDED (forgot to add this song  ) WHAMCareless Whisper (4.66mb) • past downloads All downloads are NOT for public use. We are not getting […]