koubunsho no saku

uh skang ni dah tak sure sape yg datang sini baca sme entry.
so kena ke behati-hati ye dengan ape yg dituliskan? ;p NOT!
nak takut ape pun tak sure. so buat pe nak behati-hati?
buat je ah cam biase :-” lalalaa~

went for a few interviews this couple of weeks, maybe orang yang interview tu pun ade masuk sini baca? erk?
hehe. mungkin gak ah. sebab portfolio site yang baru dah siap.
HELLO! <– click sini untuk view.
i’ve manage to put in a form in there.
it’s the first flash form i did with php (all by myself) so i think it’s cool – because it works! ngee..

if you guys have a PSP, u might want to view my portfolio site for the portable.
/play at www.onsetfocus.net/play
thanks to keris for giving me the space to put it in.
gile pemurah. free2 je bagi takyah bayar :p hehe. tenkiu2.

designers tend to have no time to do their own portfolio site.
as do i. that’s why it’s not so gempak. but the listed project are where the talent shows.
er i think? as for me, i wouldn’t have done all the project without the help of others. cheers!

That’s all for now. peace out.

soubetsukai ichiyajuu

It’s late, but whataheck.
we had a farewell dinner for karen few weeks ago.
it’s been fun working with her. well maybe not all the time ;p
one thing about her that i like is when i’m doing her works, nobody dares to kacau me with their works.
even lebai  when she booked me, it means that i’m booked for her works – nobody can potong line!

there’s this one day, when i’m doing store (i think she booked my time for about a week or so)
when there’s another project manager insist on me doing one mock for another project.
i just say “go ask lebai..” so he/she asked. then lebai actually give it a green light for me to do it.
but when explains that i’m doing a job for karen, he was like “ah, ok. let someone else do it!”
dengan nada malas nak gaduh2 ngan karen :p kukuku~ er paham ke? 

anyways, all the best to you cik karen! *mwacks*

tandokukaiken no kuragae

yey cuti yeh! sukkeee~ wowoh! hehou~
tanak tulis banyak. musim ulang satu lagu banyak2 kali dah tiba!
sile lah dengar bemusim-musim lamenye!


sangat sedap. nama dia kimura kaela. comel juge. nih video comel dia:
(cem pelik sebab nama dia ade huruf L [eru] so boleh ke derang sebut?)

[LIVE] Snowdome / 木村カエラ

ok lah bye, nak gi interview keje eh cuti2 mesia.. ngee 

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watashiwa tsukegami desu~

i got tagged. i dont like this one bit.
infact, i hate this kinda stuff. the questions are like urgh~ apapetahje..
who wrote it anyway? he/she must be like bangga je soklan2 dia ada orang jawab pastu tersebar..
i hope dia bukan copywriter. er sebab copy dia tak best? ;p
anyways, for the sake of er i dunno what, here goes..

Part 1: On the Outside
Name : Encik Ryunosuke
Date of Birth : 9 Aug 1981. ok?
Current Status : (-_-”
Eye Colour : Black with a tint of blue(rghkt).
Hair Colour : “Einstein” Black.
Righty or Lefty : Alrighty then..
Zodiac Sign : singa cap ayam.

Part 2: On the Inside
Your Heritage : Malay. Some say I’m Japanese ;p
Your Fear : Got no money to buy toys and such 
Your Weakness: Always changing..
Your Perfect Pizza : Er everything on it? with extra of er everything? nyum~

Part 3: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
Your thoughts first waking up : yay! dah letak surat ;p
Your bedtime : 2 to 4am? if i manage to pass the 7-8pm sleepiness *yawn*
Your most missed memory : Tokyo trip. still fresh in my mind. lotsa fun!

Part 4: Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke : *ahem* Vanilla Coke please!
McDees or Burger King : Mc D nye fries, BK nye mushroom swiss nyam!
Single or Group Dates : Dates! mm i like 
Adidas or Nike : Nike rocks.
Lipton Tea or Nestea : Lipton. tapi malas nak buat. so beli je nestea dalam tin.
Chocolate or Vanilla : Vanilla sedap.
Cappucino or Coffee : Cappucino

Part 5: Do You…
Smoke : er pernah..
Curse : Try me.

Part 6: In the Past Month
Drank alcohol : Nah~
Gone to the mall : Nope  (see what i mean?)
Been on stage : Yep. all the time 
Eaten sushi : Nope. (again, see?)
Dyed your hair : I like it black. There’s not much people got black hair nowadays 

Part 7: Have You Ever?
Played a stripping game : takde sape pun penah ajak? huk huk 
Changed who you were to fit in : Like transform!? *cekukukukuek* i guess not. i just change to be accepted. that’s good rite?

Part 8 : Marrriage
Age you’re hoping to be married : Let the world spins..

Part 9: In A Guy/Girl
Best Eye colour : Blue with a tint of green woceh!
Hair colour : “Natsumi” pink
Short or long hair : Long la rok!

Part 10: What Were You Doing?
1 minute ago : Thinking of possible answers for Part 1 :-”
1 hour ago : meng”goreng” sambil bergayutan dan tengok tv yang tade cite best.
4 1/2 hours ago : Baru sampai umah dari makan malam kat restoren ngan ofismate sempena cny.
1 month ago : “Why I’m working at home again?”

Part 11: Finish The Sentence
I love : everything/everyone that I know 
I feel : like a burden has been lifted off my back now 
I hate : this kind of thing..
I hide : my psp so my brother cant play with it – nanti rosak!
I miss : my time off from work.
I need : another trip to tokyo :p

Part 12: Tag 5 People
1) Adi (haha aku jebakkan ko)
2) cik videl (yew suke kan mende cenih)
3) wyda (takde idea nak updet blog ke? hambek idea nih!)
4) alvin the pm mengarut (whats ur blog ah?)
5) peter petrelli, hiro & mister isaac! (sebab derang ada power best)

Kimi ni jusu o ka’ te ageru

Pada satu hari kat hinata residence..

ano? hai desu~ harini gunsou san nak takluk bumi er akhirnyaaa desu!
serang bumi dengan robot2 kitaorg desu~
yearghh~ akhirnyaaaa masa yang ditunggu2..
kukuku~ pojito! *tekan butang*
ya yeahh~ jom serang!!
yeayy~ robot ni sangat best!! macam gunpla yg berskala 1:1 woceh…
erk eto.. rasa macam terlupa satu benda.. ahh~ tak penting kot takpe lahh *nyit*
keroro: jom serang bumi! hidup gunplaa~
giroro: cepat sikitt!! warghh~
tamama: mari desuu~
kururu: kuku~
keroro kun?
mana sume orang pegi?
huk huk huk~ kene tinggal lagi? *trauma switch – ON!*

– end –

p/s: klu korang rajin, gi tokyotosho.com patu search keroro. derang ade compile episode 1 sampai skang untuk donlot


alas. a couple of minutes ago, I’ve been abducted inside a UFO after successfully playing “free bird” in a concert in Stonehenge! and I got my self THE SNAKETAPUS! B-)

NOTE: after some attempts of making history (fuih! ;p) I found that Psychobilly Freakout was the hardest to finish & followed by Free Bird! *sweats*

cert from the management
it’s a skull with snakes goin out of it. how cool~

*pics taken direct to tv from a 1.3 phone thus the bad quality! hihi~

honkakuteki nichijouseikatsu shunketsu

heroes. sape dah tengok? gi donlot sekarang!
siyez. klu tak, tepakse ah tunggu sampai 31 jan nanti.
1st episod kat tv3 ngan starworld kot klu tak silap.

baru lepas tengok episod 3. ending dia… argh! gile takleh terima!
pastikan tengok cite tu bukan sambil makan nasik. tq :p

well, cite nih macam x-men la kot? tp instead of mutants yg ada power gile-best-cam-nak-gak-centu, cite ni pasal orang2 biasa yg er luar biasa? aih susah nak cakap cane. tak reti nak cite. kne tengok sendiri. ingat tak hype2 masa cite lost start? takpun er despret housewife tu? ugh yang nih lagi best. far more better kot? cite dia susun pun best. special effects takyah cakap lah. awesome!

my fevret so far (4 episod je baru tengok) is the japanese guy who can bend time and space pastu teleport diri seniri kat mana2 dia suka ngan bile2 dia nak pegi. lupekan cite back to the future yang kne pakai keta! sebabnye bukan je dia jepon, pastu ade keroro kat episode 1. haha! :-j uh oh pastu lagi sorang tu, artist yang leh lukis future. dah la artwork dia gempak sakan! adeh! pastu dia leh buat komik lagi tu!? er dan dia kne high masa buat tu sme.. kool!

ok nak gi sambung tengok! :p ape nak2? gi donlot seniri! kukuku~

*edit – oh ye, klu tengok cite nih, get ready nak carut2 sbb cam tak caye je :p hehe.
cth (yg dah ditapis): “oh shoot”, “omaigot~”, ___________________ <– sile tengok cite tu dan isi tempat kosong nih