yokushi rekki

updated wishlist! 

[  ] sonyericsson k750i or w800
[x] psp
[x] passport
[  ] driving license
[  ] laptop/tablet pc
[  ] mac mini
[  ] sony ps2/ps3 or xbox 360
[  ] lcd monitor 

I went to Singapore last er two or three weeks if I’m not mistaken. I didn’t stay long. just managed to wander around Bugis Junction, National Library and of course, Sim Lim Square. oh well, I had only S$8 to spare but I heard there’ll be an idN workshop in Singapore. So I guess I’ll be back later. here’s some shot in case you don’t believe me. hehe.

and here’s a screenshot of my new toy. like they say, “Christmas comes early for me” – literally, of course.

next stop – BANGKOK!

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