Dare mo shiranai

Last two weeks, mark the second time I’ve been in Bangkok. it was better than last time. maybe because we’re not ’stuck’ with tours all day every day.. anyway, for 4 days staying there, lets just say, now I can live there.. this post might take some of your time to read since I get the feeling it would be long.. if you guys wanna know more about the trip (and maybe learn something), please do continue reading…

1st day

Arrived in Bangkok around 10.30am er waktu tempatan (it is 1 hour late than kl). without a clue + a budget we have to think about all the time, not sure how to go to our hotel, thus, we just took an airport bus. the cheapest way to get to town from the airport – only 100 Baht! (well, it’s around RM9+) hehe.

we stopped at silom road and asked by the tuk-tuk driver, our destination. but ofcoz, mahal la kan? 150 baht to get to our hotel? wtf? we only paid 100 baht je from the airport. tipu je ceh! we decided to walk and we saw a tourist info booth. cut things short, we ask, we follow the map and we walked. lets just say that when we arrived at Forum Park Hotel, my kaki tercabut! (nak bajet sangat.. hambek kne jalan kaki! wargh~)

we rest a while. decided not to go so far and just sight seeing/surveying for day 1. we walked again (20 mins walk) to the nearest skytrain. jangan tetipu ngan nama “sky” tu, sebenanye same je ngan lrt er kecuali kat sana stesen nye tesangatlah besa! then, off we go to Siam Square. it was like bukit bintang area with lrt, but every shopping complex is next to each other in a ’square’. just imagine sgwang, times square, mid valley & pertama in one area with one huge linkage (jejantas) to one another! keputihan mata yg terlampau pada hari pertama tu sbb byk gile dah target nak beli. isk, sebaik baru 1st day.

sebelum balik tido, we went to Patpong Night Market (of course!) it’s about the same like I remembered. but there’s an addition for the t-shirts and i…. like! we just walk around and survey the prices. yeah, the sellers were nice, but once you ask “how much?” uh uh, they can be mean and shout a lot! and of course, things get worst if u decided not to buy hehe. well, it’s just like Petaling Street I guess. my advice, just ignore and walk away… fast! 

– end of day 1 –

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