furutoshi fukkan

New year.
What can I say? here’s a recap of 2005 as I remembered it er backward


went to Singapore. saje jalan2, met a friend’s friend there.
my bestest AD (Mr Jae Sern) left the company to continue study in NZ, good luck bro!
then, there goes Eling, Mich, and Becky from XM
I went to Bangkok again. this time I went everywhere around! bought some stuff as well. the visit, rocks! ’nuff said.


raya. nothing great, except for the bbq open house. hehu
oh yeah, and I got quite an amount of duit Raya! ngee.


it’s Ramadhan. the whole month in KL. uh home sweet home.. *bUrp!* eskus mi~
company trip. and it’s my first. a lot of fun. it’s great to explore new places.
went to pattaya and bangkok! we didn’t have much time to spent tho..


 bought a PSP & some games to play
finally got my passport
..and without any time to lose, I went overseas er Singapore to be exact.. hehe


Sutra Dance Theatre, Dutch Lady & Toyota Fortuner site, done!
went up to Fraser’s Hill for the monthly XM activities (i think it’s my first time there)
it’s my birthday, yo! hehe. lunch at teppanyaki and dinner in kg pandan.

JULY 2005

my workloads were like freaking too damn much!
and of course, I got no life this time around..

JUNE 2005

still close with my YM conference gang..
they all got their own weblog oredi hehe
unfortunately, work tear us apart.. woceh! yeah, this is life.
and yeah, I joined COA with the Laman Seni Art Market

MAY 2005

newbie in XM Malaysia. I’m officially a Web Designer!
my sis’s treat at Chilli’s, nyum!
off to Penang for my friend’s friend kenduri kawin *bUrp!*
hm ulang alik JB > KL tu biasa la kan? hehu
more than half a month at home er looking for a job, got several interviews tho

APRIL 2005

if I’m not mistaken, my last day in Claybricks *yay!*
still struggling in JB yah yah!

MARCH 2005

prom nite monochrome.. er kan?
finishing my portfolio; interactive, website & prints! hambek ko!
oh ye, sesambil start men’dudel’


archiworks interface updated!
nothing much, work as usual.


it’s New Year! er and I don’t feel nothing.


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