suki desu yo~

“Love is like traffic jams. you’re stuck in it, you’re moving slow.. only to find that:

(a) there’s a car broke down in the middle of the road, or
(b) there’s a huge accident, or
(c) it’s just one of the slow traffic lights that only turns green after 15 minutes and lasts for 15 seconds, or
(d) there’s a roadblock

..causing such time-consuming experience.”

hah! I just made that up 
but, if that was true, which one would you prefer?

well, for a broken-hearted, I think it’s easy to understand – that in the end, if it’s just couldn’t work for both of you, it wouldn’t.
for a new-found love, unless you are riding a bike and be confident, you’ll be stuck as well.
to those who still in love, be aware that there might be a roadblock ahead. but if you got your license & road tax prepared, you should be fine and not need to worry a single bit 

is there a butterfly in my stomach? am i ok? er i guess.
well, i just heard that a long-lost friend found the love of his life. well, congrats.
uh darn it. congrats to anybody who did found your true love!

The End.

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